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Pet Adoption

RightSide.jpgMany very fine animals are available for adoption from local animal  shelters and rescue leagues.  These animals often make wonderful pets and you may be saving their life or at the very least, making room for another needy animal when you adopt.  

Adoption fees often include the initial medical exams and shots associated with acquiring a new pet. They can also include the cost of spaying or neutering the adopted pet.  The fees are really quite reasonable when you consider  the retail value of the veterinarian  services include in them.

If you want an even better value, and you are a senior citizen, you may be in luck.   It has been proven that pets have a healthy calming effect on many Older Americans. Some private companies in the pet industry have provided funding to help defray the cost of adoption for senior citizens.  Seniors can apply for a senior citizen discount when they adopt a pet from many shelters.  The availability of a senior discount will depend on the funding provided and the number of applications received.  Applications are approved on a first come first serve basis, however, there is generally ample  funding and most applications do get approved.

Pet Adoption Resources: