Our Family

The D'Ariano Family moved to Palm Beach County in 1971 when John and Toni were married.  Angelo, Tina and Amber were all born locally, at Bethesda Hospital.  The family was raised on a five acre home site, referred to as "The Farm," in western Boynton Beach.  While living on The Farm, the family raised many domestic and farm animals.  

The D'Ariano property was often frequented by dogs, cats, birds, chickens, ducks, rabbits, turtles, fish, raccoons, monkeys, peacocks, horses, pigs, cows, and one day even an albino reindeer stopped by to visit.  Many of the animals were raised by the D'Ariano Family, some were wild, and some came to visit after slipping away from the neighbors.  For some reason, our yard was the favorite hangout for all the neighborhood animals.


John and Toni were accusomed to having pets around long before moving to Florida.  Ever since John was old enough to walk and talk at the same time, he was bringing home every kind of stray animal you could imagine - dogs, cats, injured birds, snakes - especially dogs.   At only nine years old, John was adapt at training dogs.  He had a few paying customers whose pets he cared for while their pet parents were away or at work.

In 1971 John became a Police Officer in Palm Beach County.  In 1991 he established a 15 dog K9 unit.  John was responsible for the selection of the K9's and overseeing and assisting with all training.  In 2003, following a 32 year law enforcement career, John officially retired from his position as a Police Lieutenant and established A Pet Sitter Plus.



When Toni was 9 years old, she was actively involved with her family in raising and showing a champion Kerri Blue Terrier.  She has had pets al of her life and works with John as a professional pet sitter.  


Our youngest daughter, Amber, works at a local equestrian center.  She is an avid rider and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of horsemanship, specializing in Hunter Jumper.  Amber teaches children the responsibilities and joys that go with owning, riding, and showing horses.